Pixel icon design


LaFreeware, pixel-by-pixel-based icons distributed to the general public for Mac OS Classic from 1996 – 2002. Selections from this body of work have been printed in numerous publications, including 1 x 1: Pixel-Based Illustration & Design, Japanese Apple enthusiast magazine Mac 100%, and European art and culture magazine Frieze.

Modern era (2014 - present) pixel art is released via The Dead Pixel Society – a global group of icon designers from the late 90's – which Justin co-founded. Icon designs are still created via the ultra-finite 256-color MacOS palette at 32x32 pixel-scale.

The pixel art below is enlarged ~30 times to show detail.




Pixel Icon Design

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Pixel art from the modern era released via The Dead Pixel Society.


Icons created via ResEdit at 32x32 pixels for MacOS 7.5 - 9.