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96 degrees Number 1

Edition 1 of 96º contains my photographic & written addition, "My Coffee".

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Writing and Interviews

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Color You Responsible

"It’s a broken experience if trial-and-error is the means by which a person engages with a site."

A List Apart

Resetting Agency Culture

"The truth is this: there’s so much more to fostering investment & growth in our team than gimmicky perks."


On Inspiration

"There is an entire world of design and inspiration beyond the context the digital world affords us."

The Big Web Show

The Dead Pixel Society

The Big Web Show № 121 is my conversation with Jeffrey Zeldman on The Dead Pixel Society project.

A List Apart

Pixel Design: So Hot Now

"Creative outlets and passion projects like The Dead Pixel Society help us avoid burnout."

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Usability: Resume Design

"When we think resume design, 'usability' typically isn’t one of the first things to spring to mind."